Identify your car

Below are the chassis numbers which should relate to the number stamped on the aluminium plate riveted to the scuttle panel in the engine bay - these should enable you to identify your car exactly:


Alpine S1    B9000001 to 9011904            Oct 59 - Oct 60

Alpine S2    B9100001 to 9110056            Oct 60 to Mar 63

Alpine S3    B9200001 to 9205863            Mar 63 to Jan 64

Alpine S4    B9400001 to 94104470          Sept 64 to Sept 65

Alpine S4a  B94100001 to 94104470        Sept 64 to Sept 65

Alpine S5    B395000001 to 395019122    Sept 65 to Jan 68


Mk 1             B9470001 to 9473762             June 64 to Aug 65

Mk1a            B382000001 to 382002706    Aug 65 to Dec 66

Mk2              B382100100 to 382100634    Dec 66 to Jun 67


GT                Grand Tourer

OD               Overdrive

FE                Ford Engine - Tiger

JAL              Jenson Alpine Limited

BW              Borg Warner Automatic

L                  Low Compression

CKD            Complete Knock Down i.e assembled abroad

E-CKD        Export - Home Spec

W                 CKD, RHD Export

X                  CKD, LHD Export

R                  Roadster

O                  Standard

X9                Non Standard e.g USA Lighting