SA1Front Grille Eggcrate Style

As fitted to Harrington Alpine in Chris McGoverns "Alpine. The Classic Sunbeam" P 86. Available in polished steel or Aluminium: Price on Application
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 Price on Application
8/23Rocker Covers (LAT)

Tiger Only - Powered by Ford. 8 Cast Alloy Valve Covers. Made from original tooling. Polished ribs, baffled.
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8/03Air Filter Housing (Ally powered by Ford)Select Model    
SA24bbl Inlet Manifold - Tiger Lettered Select Model    Price on Application
SA34 Core Heavy Duty Radiator
Tiger Only
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17/N/S1Anti-Tramp Bar Kit (No welding) 
SA4Timeclocks Alpine and Tiger (New)  
A/24/03AHeavy Duty Road Spring - Pair  
A/42/N/S1Wiring Loom - Built to Spec  
A/37/157ADashboard with hinged glove box lid  (Walnut) 
A/38/329False Boot Floor
As Original -Tiger Only
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A/30/N/S/16Vented Discs Kit of 2 Front 
A/24/N/S/11Uprated 7/8 inch Anti-Roll Bar
Alpines 3,4 & 5 only
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8/22Oil Cooler Kit 
 (Hoses, cooler and fixings) Price on Application
17/N/S5Watts Linkage Kits 
 (Rose Jointed with bracket) 
A/20/N/S/19Oil Cooler Pipe Set  
18/N/S19Hydraulic Hand Brake  
SA5Electronic Ignition Kit (Alpine & Tiger)
  Price on Application

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