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A/20/1Rocker Gasket  
A/20/N/S/1Head Gasket Set  
A/20/N/S/2Head Gasket  
A/20/N/S/3Conversion Set  
A/20/3Tappet Chest Gasket  
A/20/6Timing Chain Gasket  
A/20/6/ATiming Chain Cover (New)  
A/20/N/S/6Thermostat Gasket  
A/20/N/S/7Rocker Arm  Price on Application
A/20/9Valves - Set  
A/20/10Valve Spring Set  
A/20/11Valve Keepers - Set  
A/20/12Timing Chain & Tensioner  
A/20/13Timing Chain Gears  
A/20/14Reground Crank  
A/20/15Crank Bearings  
A/20/16Conrod Bearings  
A/20/17Piston - Standard  Price on Application
A/20/18Piston Oversize  Price on Application
A/20/19Piston Rings - Set  
A/20/20Oil Pump - Alpine 5 onlySelect Model     
A/20/20/AOil Pump (1600) - Exchange

Alpines 1,2,3 & 4 Only
Select Model    
A/20/20/BOil Pump (1600) - Repair Kit

Alpines 1,2,3 & 4 Only
Select Model    
A/20/21Cam Shaft - New  Price on Application
A/20/22Fly Wheel Ring Gear  
A/20/23Core Plug Set   
A/20/24Front Crankshaft Pulley(New remanufactured) 
A/20/25Cam Follower - Set  
A/20/26Valve Guides - Each  
A/20/N/S/8Thermostat Housing Cover

Alpines 3,4 & 5

Select Model   
A/20/N/S/9Fuel Pump (Repro)  
A/20/N/S23AFuel Pump (Original)  
A/20/N/S/10Fuel Filter  
A/20/N/S/11Sump Gasket Set  
A/20/N/S/12Full Gasket Set  
A/20/N/S/13Oil Filter  
A/20/N/S/14Air Filters - Each  
A/20/N/S/15Air Filter Tube  Price on Application
A/20/N/S/16Thermostat Housing assembly

Alpines 3,4 & 5 only

Select Model   
A/20/N/S/17Engine Mounting - Each  
A/20/N/S/18Throttle Rod Grommet  
A/20/N/S/19Oil Cooler Pipe Set  
A/20/N/S/20Zenith Carb Rebuild Kit (x2)

Alpines 1,2,3 & 4

Select Model    
A/20/N/S/21Solex Carburetter Repair Kit

Alpines 3 & 4
Select Model    
A/20/N/S/22Stromberg Carb Repair Kit

Alpine 5 only
Select Model    
A/20/N/S/23Stromberg Carbs - Pair (recon Exchange - Alpine 5 onlySelect Model   
A/20/N/S/24Chrome Air Filters (Pancake) - Pair

Alpines 1,2 and 5 only
Select Model     
A/20/N/S34Chrome Air Filters (Pancake) - Pair

Alpines 3 & 4
Select Model      
A/20/N/S/26Carb T Piece Fuel Pipe

Alpine 5 only
Select Model     
A/34/N/S19Grommet Set - Bulkhead  
A/20/N/S/28Choke Cable (New)  
A/20/N/S/25Kenlowe Electric Fan  
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       Workshop Diagram

            Alpine Engine Parts