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6/01RC/ND Engine Block  Price on Application
6/02N/S 4 Barrel Aluminium Inlet Manifold  Price on Application
6/03Aluminium Sump  Price on Application
6/04Water Pump  
6/05Standard Oil Pump  
6/N/S1High Volume Oil Pump  
6/07Standard Oil Pump Drive  
6/08Heavy Duty Oil Pump Drive  
6/09Chrome Dip Stick  
6/N/S/16 bladed fan  
6/11Thermostat HSG  
6/13Thermostat Gasket  
6/14Sump Gasket Set  
6/N/S3Manifold Gasket Set  
6/N/S4Carb Gasket 2bbl & 4bbl  
6/N/S5Performance Head Gaskets (each)  
6/N/S6Full Gasket Set  
6/21Core Plugs - Water (Set)  
6/22Core Plugs - Oil   
6/24Piston Ring Set (Std)  
6/25Piston & Pins Set  
6/26Conrods Set  
6/27Conrod Bearings  
6/28Camshaft Bearings  
6/29Camshaft Sealing Plug  
6/30Camshaft Std + Hi Perf  
6/31Timing Gear From 15Price on Application
6/32Main Bearings (top)  
6/33Timing Chain   from 14 Price on Application
6/35Reground Crankshaft  Price on Application
6/36Main Bearings bottom  
6/37Flywheel (new) Bullet Steel  
6/38Crankshaft Pulley  
6/39Flywheel bolts - set  
6/N/S7Choke Cable (new)  
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       Workshop Diagram