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             Tiger front suspension






14/01Lower Ball Joint - Each   
14/01ALower Ball Joint Gator   
14/02Springs - Pair - Standard  
14/02BSprings - Pair - Competition  
14/02ASprings - Pair - Heavy Duty  
14/03Subframe  Price on Application:
14/04Roll Bar Bush  
14/05Fulcrum Pin Lower  
14/05AHeavy Duty Fulcrum Pin Lower - Each  
14/06Shock Absorber - Each  
14/07Bump Stop Lower - Each  
14/08Bump Stop Upper - Each  
14/13Fulcrum Bush Lower - Each (Polyurethane)  
14/10Wheel Bearing kit - per side  
14/10/AFront Hub Seal  
14/11S/S Wishbone Clamp  Price on Application:
14/12Fulcrum Pin Upper  
14/14Top Ball Joint  
14/14ATop Ball Joint Gator  
14/15Coil Spring Insulating Rubbers - Pair  
14/16Camber Adjustable shims - 0.6 inch or 0.10 inch -

14/17Wheel Stud  
14/18Wheel Nut  
14/N/S3Aluminium Spacer - Each  
14/N/S4Suspension Rebuild Kit   inc. Springs and ShocksPrice on Application:
14/N/S5Complete Bolt Kit  Price on Application:
14/N/S6Adjustable Shocks (SPAX) - Each  Price on Application:
14/N/S7Front Gas Shocks - Each  
14/N/S9Recon Bottom Wishbone 
 Inc Bushes and Ball Joint Exchange 
14/N/S8Recon Top Wishbone inc Bushes and Ball Joint Exchange 
14/N/S10Uprated 7/8 inch Anti-Roll Bar  
14/N/S11Nylon Anti-Roll Bar Bushes - 4 off  
14/N/S/15Polyurethane anti-roll bar bushes- (Each)Model     
14/N/S/16Wheel Spacer 6mm  
14/N/S13Heavy Duty Wishbone BushesTop Made from Oilon 
14/N/S14Heavy Duty Wishbone BushesBottom 
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       Workshop Diagram